Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A year of adventure!

It all started with an evening bike ride on Wednesday, January 6th 2016 (my memory isn't that good). Jenny and I headed out the door for a fun ride around Reeds Lake followed by some light shredding at Indian Trails on the fatbikes. On our return trip home we stopped in at the Last Chance Tavern for a pint, food and respite from the cold. As things tend to go, one pint turned into two, so on and so forth. I can't recall for the life of me what spawned the conversation, perhaps just musing about life in general, but we began to talk about the general rhythm of life and how time seems to pass us by at an ever alarming rate. I've had this conversation a hundred times about how it seems we work too much and enjoy our time too little. I like to think we both make the most of our free time, finding enjoyment and adventure in daily events. Perhaps it's all of the short Netflix and Vimeo flicks about month long adventures in the Andes, riding the Tour Divide or spending a year living in the Frank Church Wilderness... or perhaps it's just been a longtime coming. In any event, that evening we made a promise to each other, sworn over the sanctity of interlocked pinky fingers, that in a year's time we would embark on an extended adventure even if it came to quitting our jobs...

It's been a year's time now, and i'm pleased to say that we're following through with our promise. It's not without trepidation that we move forward into this new phase of our lives, but with careful planning and well thought out decisions we stand prepared as much as two people can be to do without the security blanket of full time employ, Many conversations have been had over an exceeding number of pints to get to this point, but we're both excited to be here. At the end of March 2017 we will step out of a life with the 9 to 5 grind and into a life built around family, friends and adventure. At it's essence the plan is a simple one; spend a year travelling to places we've always wanted to go, seeing people we don't see enough and enjoying adventure together as a married couple.

This is a topic and a post that i could write volumes about, but for the sake of brevity in this post and content for future musings i'll keep it simple. If you happen across this blog post and you'd like to join us along the way, please reach out by phone, pen, computer or otherwise as we would love to stop and visit you on the road, ride along side of you on a bikepacking trip, or have a pint and catch up on life. There will be more to come and we hope to bring you all along with us, both physically and figuratively, on the adventures that lay ahead!